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Whether you are a student, author, academic or casual reader clippings.io provides all of the functionality you'll need to manage the clippings you make on your Kindle.


Import your Kindle highlights using the Google Chrome Extension or by uploading your myclippings.txt file


Export your Kindle highlights to beautifully formatted documents in numerous formats such as Word, Excel and PDF.


Publish your Kindle highlights to third party services like Evernote.


Edit, search, tag and annotate your Kindle highlights


Share your favorite Kindle highlights with your friends.


Imports the Kindle highlights made on your Kindle or on the Amazon Kindle reader app running on your favorite iOS, Android or Windows device.


Save kindle highlights Erza Klein

Clippings.io will export your Kindle notes and highlights in usable, searchable form — and then plug them directly into Evernote, so they're available whenever you need them, and sortable in every way you might imagine. The difference here is profound: My Kindle highlights have gone from being available if I can remember what book they're in to discoverable if I can simply remember any word from the highlight.

- Erza Klein
Editor-in-chief Vox.com

Save kindle highlights Diana Kimball

The Clippings Chrome extension now works like a dream, and I’m heartened that they’re collecting a monthly subscription fee (just $1.99); this gives me hope that they’ll be able to afford continued development even for this admittedly-niche need. The Evernote export functionality is also excellent, fulfilling my wish for discrete notes that each link back to the larger work.

- Diana Kimball

Save kindle highlights Taylor Pearson

Clippings.io (and the export to Evernote) is an essential part of my research and writing and process. Having all my highlights and notes in a searchable form is game-changing.

- Taylor Pearson
Author of #1 Amazon Business Bestseller The End of Jobs

Save kindle highlights Carie Harling

I finally found a way to organize all of my notes and highlights from my Kindle device, Kindle apps, and handwritten notes! I can not begin to tell you how happy this makes me.

- Carie Harling

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