Export Kindle Notes To Evernote

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How can I grant permission to export my Kindle Notes to Evernote?

Permission can be granted on the Evernote settings page .

How can I export my Kindle Notes to Evernote?

You can export your notes to Evernote on the home page.

The records that get exported will depend on your current selection, for example, if you have selected 'All items' then all or your records will get exported. Once you have selected the records you wish to export you can click the 'Export' menu and select the 'Evernote' export option.

How can I tag my notes in Evernote?

You can tag your Evernote notes by using the tagging options in the Evernote settings page . You can choose to tag your Evernote notes with the tags you have made in clippings.io, the book title, the book author and any custom tags you desire.

There is no automated way of deleting these tags so please use at your own discretion.

How can I tell which records have been exported to Evernote?

After a record has been exported to Evernote a small Evernote icon will be be displayed in the bottom right hand corner of the clipping.

How can I delete all of my Kindle notes from Evernote?

The Evernote notes in the clippings.io notebooks and clippings.io stack can be deleted by clicking the 'Reset' button on the Evernote settings page .

This will delete all the Evernote notes in the clippings notebooks/stack, if you want to keep any Evernote notes in these folders please move them out of the clippings stack/notebooks.